Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have been approved to adopt from the Democratic Republic of Congo with A Love Beyond Borders, an adoption agency in Colorado.  There is a huge need for kids to be adopted from the Congo as there is war and incredible poverty in the region.  We are SO excited to be approved and to have found a country that we know is perfect and is God's will.  Our change in plans from China to Africa has been crazy but so wonderful.  I know it is God's perfect plan as I meet and talk to others who have a heart for Africa as well.  And it just feels right!!  So I trust wholeheartedly that this is the direction that God wants us to go.  I can't wait to get there.  And that's the hard part, waiting!!!  We are waiting for our home study to be rewritten so that we can submit a homestudy and an I600A to the USCIS to change from China to Africa.  We need to get our immigration approval and our dossier submitted to the Congo before much further action can take place.  We are also praying about what children God wants us to adopt.  We have a heart for those that are waiting-those that are older and in sibling groups.  And so we are checking out the waiting children and just praying that God would unite our hearts and show us which children are meant to be in our family.  Some days I just wish Jesus was physically standing next to me and telling me exactly what to do!  How awesome would that be!  :)  I feel like we will soon be making decisions on children, I feel an aching in my heart to move forward with God's mission for us.  But yet, he calls us to be patient as well.  I just have the yearning to complete this already, yet I know that we are growing spiritually in huge ways through it all.  So we will probably be able to travel to the Congo in about 9-10 months to grab our child/children.  So we keep on keeping on, serving our amazing Lord each day!

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