Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keep on Keepin On

We submitted our application with a new agency to proceed with our Ethiopian adoption last Friday.  In the meantime I asked for some information on waiting children from this agency.  This whole process and my gut feeling caused me to have tons of questions rolling around in my head.  So I used the handy old internet to do even more research.  What I came to find out is that the agency I chose was not the best choice as it has had tons and tons of complaints filed against it and it's leaders could be involved in adoption corruption in Ethiopia.  So we begin again and keep on keepin on.  I have called and called and researched and researched and I think I have finally found an agency that is honest, ethical and cares only about the children and not the money.  African adoption is a whole new ball game and care needs to be taken to find the right agency to lead us in this.  I am just amazed at the corruption out there.  I truly believe we need to adopt those children who are truly in need.  But I think we also need to support the families who can keep their children and just need some financial assistance.  Matt and I's hope is to somehow be able to figure out how we can start doing this.  This morning he said let's just start our own 501C3 nonprofit and build a house in Africa.  Sounds great to me!!  We will still be pursuing adoption wholeheartedly but I am excited to see what else God may do with this whole process.  We stand with arms wide open surrendered to whatever God might have in store for us!! 

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