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Family Picture

Monday, December 22, 2014

Writing The Story

I feel like God has been putting stories on my heart a lot lately. Many times the thought has come to my mind that stories need to be shared more.  In churches, to each other, on blogs, in books.  Stories, our stories allow us to relate to each other and to grow from each other’s experiences. 

And God’s story.  Well his is the biggest, greatest most amazing one of all.  And the best part is that it is true.  The bible, HIS word is not just some book that is a great read.  It is living words that are all true. One night as I was reading Ann Voskamp’s, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, to my littles, HE whispered it to me.  The amazing beautiful truth of his story.  He said this is real.  I made you and I love you and I chased after you to reconcile you back to me.  It is my love story for YOU.  And because I made you to walk with me, I had to send my son to die for you to get you back.  It was the only way.  And it really happened. This isn’t just a great story.  It is TRUTH.  Just like your story is true and real. 

And like Ann’s book, this is truly THE GREATEST GIFT.  The story of Jesus.  I realized I wanted to share it not because I ever want to “convert” anyone but because I believe in the truth of this story.  And I am excited to see it unfold.  To see how God changes lives as he reconciles us back to himself through Jesus. 

But sometimes we want the story HE is writing to be different.  Why did Jesus have to suffer and die on the cross.  Couldn’t GOD have come up with a different way to bring us back to him?  Why the suffering, why the heartache?  What about in our own lives?  I often long for a different story or more to my story.  I am jealous of the story he is writing for others.  I want their story.  It looks easier, more joyous, more fulfilling.  And then he whispers that the story he is writing for me is perfect.  Because he is the author.  And I need to open my hands to all that he is writing for me.  And receive each piece with joy.  Even if it isn’t what I want.  His ways are higher.  His story is greater.

Just the other day I was listening to Sarah Grove’s song, Open my hands and I suddenly realized that I had sat real close to her as she taught at the orphan summit I was at last May.  And I remembered her words.  That stories are not a commodity in the kingdom.  There are enough ears to hear.  And that we need to be sharing our stories, our hearts through writing, art, song.  God was speaking again. Speaking to me about stories.  Telling me that I need to share.  That YOU all need to share.  That stories need to be shared everywhere.  And that HIS story, HIS love story needs to be spoken again and again.  Only because he loves us so so much and longs for us to receive that love. 

As God writes your story will you share? Will you bless us with what HE is doing in your life?

So crazy thankful for a GOD who writes the most perfect of stories. Always.