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Family Picture

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wait, What???!!!!

Our God is an amazing, powerful incredible God!!  If you do not yet believe in the name of Jesus, BELIEVE!!!  If you feel God is calling you to do something crazy, radical life changing but you think you are not the right person for the job, I am telling you have FAITH the size of a mustard seed and do it!!  Our adoption story is one of faith in action and I am continually amazed at God's work!!!  So here are a few of my wait, what?!!  moments leading up to our current status.  A friend just happens to post on facebook that she has two twin beds and a dresser to give away after I had just been at IKEA agonizing over what to do about needing three more beds.  Wait, What!!  Thanks God!  And we just happen to have enough money to pay for our adoption expenses every time we need to write a check even though we only had enough for one and didn't plan on the extra expense of adopting three.  Wait, What!!  Thanks God!!  And one night I spent 45 minutes trying to find a google translate sorta thing to translate Tshiluba so I could communicate more effectively with my boys in case of a moment that would come up that we may need that.  There is no google translate for Tshiluba, but there is a Pastor and his wife who speak Tshiluba, who grew up in a town 100 miles away from where my boys grew up, who just happen to live 20 minutes away from us.  WAIT, WHAT!!!  This is a miracle God!!  Thank You!!! 

After we met that amazing Pastor and his family, we learned that he was taking a group of people on a mission trip in February.  I blew it off at first thinking that we needed to concentrate on our adoption and not worry about this trip.  However, my heart was continually stirred as I thought about what an incredible opportunity this trip would be.  So I asked my adoption coordinator what might happen if we went on this trip and how that would work with picking up the boys.  Of course the ideal plan would be to go on the mission trip and then pick up the boys after that and experience lots of amazing incredibleness in one fell swoop.  She said she thought it might work, that it wasn't really pushing it even, to make this happen.  But Matt and I still had to decide what to do, as if we went on the mission trip we knew we may still have to make another trip to get the boys.  Matt says he doesn't want to go, he wants to save his time off of work to spend with the boys.  So I call my sister whom I had invited on the trip and we decide to go.  We get permission from our AMAZING husbands to do God's work and we booked our tickets last night to travel to Congo on the mission trip.  And then I get an email today from our adoption coordinator that WE HAVE JUDGEMENT!!!  But not only do we have the judgement that we have been waiting for since October 5th, she also received other paperwork that puts our timeline ahead of schedule by 2-3 weeks!!!  WAIT, WHAT!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  So it looks like we may be going on a mission trip and picking up three handsome boys at the same time!!  Of course nothing is set in stone and things can change quickly, but the Lord has blessed us with a miracle today and we are praising his name!!!  I am so excited to continue to watch God work.  I can hardly even believe how amazing God is.  And so today I am SO thankful and so humbled by his work and presence in our lives. My heart is singing!!!

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